HLX-SENS in ONE Device

Enviromental Monitoring & CONTROL

Industrial devide for Measure control and Log Data


Datalogger USB

HLX9100 Temperatura ed Umidità

Sensori ad alta precisione per la misurazione della temperatura e/o dell’umidità.


Strumentazione Elettronica di misura:Digitron Italia

Specialisti della Stumentazione di Misura Industriale
Wireless Monitoring Solutions:
soluzioni non semplici strumenti.

Handheld devices

For industrial applications. Useful for the detection and monitoring of production parameters via external sensors.

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Fixed Devices

For industrial applications. Digitron Italia: customer focused solutions. (these devices operate in loco using built-in sensors).

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Electronic devices that monitor and record data; measurements vary depending on the datalogger: temperature, humidity, pressure, ecc

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Wireless Monitoring Solutions

For the control constant and without interruptions for a whole series of parameters in a continuous way.

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Software HMI SCADA

SCADA solutions for industry: an Italian Company that offers SCADA/HMI solutions; our SCADA software is easy to use, flexible and low cost

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Meteo devices for the detection of atmospheric parameters: temperature, atmospheric humidity, pressure, relative humidity, wind speed and direction.

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Data Acquisition Systems

Industrial Datalogger:
easy-to-use data acquisition systems. Some of them can be easily integrated in preexisting test and control systems
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Contact Us

Digital Measuring Instruments: an Italian Company expert in Industrial measuring equipment, Wireless Monitoring Solutions e Datalogger, contact us

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